Take Five Free Download

Take Five free download

“Take Five” is a jazz standard composed by Paul Desmond, who was the saxophonist for the Dave Brubeck Quartet. It is a unique and innovative composition that is known for its complex rhythmic structure and catchy melody. The song was first recorded by the Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1959, and has since been covered by many other artists.

“Take Five” is named for its unusual time signature, which is in 5/4 time. This means that there are five beats in each measure, instead of the more common 4/4 time. The song is performed in a medium tempo, with a strong emphasis on the downbeat. The melody is simple and catchy, and is played by the saxophone over a complex and driving rhythm section.

In summary, “Take Five” is a beloved jazz standard that is known for its unique time signature and catchy melody, and continues to be performed by musicians around the world.